Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dagger Necklaces

It looks like a lot of Quartz and other stones are being shaped into daggers now, which is pretty cool :)

So, of course I had to get some to play with, here's some Necklace designs I've put in my Etsy shop:

Here's one with some really nice Green Kyanite Daggers with Quartz Daggers and some freshwater stick pearls

This one has some Quarz Daggers that have been heat-treated to change the color and what a nice color it is !!!  It's a chocolate brownish bronze color, just beautiful :)

Here's another Quartz Dagger that has been heat-treated to this gorgeous blue/purple color.  I've added some small purple beads to highlight the purple in the Quartz.

This one has that same beautiful Green Kyanite Daggers as well as Quartz Daggers and some really nice Sea Urchin Spines !!  I've strung this one with a creamy white soft leather :)

You can find all my Dagger Necklaces in my Etsy shop here: