Sunday, March 22, 2015

Glass Magic Mushrooms !

Who doesn't luv a cute lil' bumpy shroom ;p

These are all beads, so they do have a hole down the center for stringing.
They also look nice in terrariums or just sitting out.  Unlike regular mushrooms,
these enjoy the sunlight and really shine when soaking up the rays !

I've just listed them on my Etsy page under "components" :

Lil' mini fairy mushroom house ;p

Friday, March 20, 2015

We're all Ears Challenge

Awesome macro photos by Martin Amm serves as this months "We're all Ears Challenge" from  Earrings Everyday.

Lots of pretty colors going on here as well as bubbly textures :)

I had a couple lampwork beads that I'd made a month ago and decided to use them since they have some bubbli-ness going on ;p
The little copper colored bubbly beads are a great find that I found down in Tucson at the gem show.
I used the blueish/lilac colored fresh water pearls, just because I love fresh water pearls, and they kind of go with some of the eye color.

Macro photography is just incredible, it really brings so much meaning to the small things in life :)

Fun Challenge !


Wednesday, March 18, 2015


First time doing the What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday !

Finished this necklace, now I'm trying to figure out if I want to sell my little glass mushrooms as components, or string them on a necklace, but I keep getting distracted by all the other copper and nickel sticks so close by ;p

Friday, March 6, 2015

Geode Hunting

Yesterday was a beautiful day to be out Geode hunting !

 It was 75 degrees and sunny of course, it is Arizona !

Lake Pleasant has a great spot for Geode hunting and let me tell ya, we found quite a few !  If was fun finding them and then breaking them open to see what cool things have formed inside. This was our first time there and yes we will be back !

Then we got to shred all around the lake in our rzr, too much fun !

Gotta watch out for the wild burros, they're all over that place.  I'm bringing carrots next time to feed them :)

Here's some pics of the geodes we broke open and some "whole" geodes we brought home for our friends kids to break open.

Here's the geodes we broke open:


The lake :)

Here's the burros:

Monday, March 2, 2015

Fairy Bells

I made some "Fairy Bells" today !!

They totally remind me of little bells that fairies would luv :)

Cut some copper disks, bent them and then enameled them in fairy like colors.

I think I'll make some earrings out of some of them and then just string up 3 or 4 together to make a Fairy Bell Strand, maybe just to hang in the window, or on your rear view mirror in the car.

I'll post some pics of the completed fairy items and post them on my Etsy page...