Monday, September 19, 2016

Fairy Time :)

I love Fairy gardens !

Actually, anything Fairy-ish I really like :)

I've been wanting to make some Fairy Garden accessories, and I did :)

Here's a couple Fairy light poles:

and here's a couple Fairy Hanging Flower Pots :)

Too much fun !

Shroom and Amethyst Necklace

So, I made a bunch of lil glass shrooms the other day and decided to make some into these cool Amethyst/shroom necklaces :)

Soon to be for sale in my Etsy shop :)


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Check out this bead I made:

It was fun, you made the bead, then after it came out of the kiln, you worked it on the
Lapidary Wheel !

Thanks to my great teacher, Heather for all her ideas and help :)

If you want to see fantastic lampwork beads, check out Heathers blog here:

Fall is coming :)

The weather is finally starting to cool down in the mornings and at night !! Yay !!

This is a big deal here in Phoenix !!

I'm decorating for Fall right now, even though it's still 100 during the day !

This guy is one of my favorites,
I just change out the flowers in his basket for every season :)

Did I mention I luv trolls ;p